Laws, Rules and Guidelines

Executive Orders

Executive Order 09-07 | Energy & Environmental Impact
Executive Order 98-04 | Disclosure
Executive Orders – Office of the Governor

Policies and Procedures

Anticipation to Award Policy
Evaluation of Proposals Policy
Procurement Thresholds
Procurement Codes
Small Procurements – Practicable Competition – Split-Purchasing
Updated Solicitation Review Requirements
Critical Emergency Procurement Procedures
Critical Emergency Procurement Justification Form
Emergency Procurement Procedures
Emergency Procurement Justification Form
Multiple Award and Request for Proposals Request Form
Multiple Award Request Procedures
Request for Proposals Procedures
Request for Qualifications Procedures
Request for Qualifications Request Form
Sole Source Procurement Procedures
Sole Source Procurement Justification Form
Special Procurement Procedures
Special Procurement Justification Form

Cooperative Procurement

City and County Cooperative Buying
Cooperative Procurement Compliance Checklist
School Cooperative Buying
State Agency Cooperative Buying

Miscellaneous Guidelines

1099 Instructions
Alternative Fuels
Biobased Products
Legal Services
Lobbyist Guidance
Printing Guidelines
Promotional Items
Greeting Cards

Helpful Links

Advisory Opinions
Attorney General Opinions
Delegation Orders
Rebate Check Information
State Financial Management Guide
Federal Debarment Vendor List
State Suspended/Debarred Vendor List