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Arkansas Procurement Manual and Training

The Arkansas Procurement Manual (the “Manual”) provides procurement professionals with practical guidance that is consistent with Arkansas Procurement Law, but it is not a substitute for the law. Whenever there is any question about applicable law, reference the law and not the Manual. If there is any inconsistency between content in the Manual and in Arkansas Procurement Law, Arkansas Procurement Law governs.

To access the procurement manual, click here:  Arkansas Procurement Manual

The Department of Transformation and Shared Services (TSS), through its Office of Personnel Management (OPM) and its Office of State Procurement (OSP), also provides training for state employees seeking to learn more about Arkansas Procurement Law and procurement processes. Visit the Procurement Training webpage to view those resources. 

To access Arkansas Procurement Law, click here:  Procurement Law and Rules

To quickly access a single topic of the Manual content, click the micro learning link below.

Service Bureau Guide
AASIS Instructions
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