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Building Authority

Design Review Section

The Design Review Section exists to promote quality design standards in all areas of capital improvements for state agencies. The Section is responsible for the review and approval of architectural and engineering plans for compliance with the Minimum Standards and Criteria (See MSC Section 2) and for ensuring state agencies engage properly licensed Architects and Engineers. The Section is responsible for reviewing and approving permit applications for developments within established floodplains. Once design plans have been reviewed and approved, the project is submitted to the Construction Section for the processes of the bidding, award and close out of the contract.

The Design Review Section is responsible for establishing procedures for state agencies regarding the selection of design professional services and ensuring an equitable opportunity is provided to all. The Section encourages timely and expedient commitment and expenditure of appropriations for construction. The Section is responsible for establishing the standard fee schedule for design professional services. The section reviews and approves the design professional contracts. The Section maintains a database of their design reviews and approvals for state agency capital improvements.

The Design Review staff can be reached at 501-682-5544 and is located at:

501 Woodlane, Suite G-01
Little Rock, AR 72201

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