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Departments have focused on co-location when possible and evolving to a new work environment that is less expensive and ensures less square footage. We have termed this concept the “Four Cs,” which includes cost-effective space management, collaboration of staff members, improved communication of team members, and a culture driven by cooperation.

To date, Departments have realized more than $920,000 in savings on rent and 80,282 square feet of reduction in space.

Inspector General

Rent Consolidation of Office Space Provides Annual Savings of $70,038

  • The Fair Housing Commission moved into DIG’s office space, resulting in a savings of $34,356
  • Internal Audits move to DIG’s office space will save the Department $34,242
  • Consolidation of employee parking results in annual savings of $1440

Veterans Affairs

Move saves Veterans Affairs more than $6,149.31 in annual savings, increases exposure

Over the past year, the Arkansas Department of Veterans Affairs Veteran Services Division was able to save on costs by relocating from leased office space to a free space/office area in county courthouses.

This eliminated the need for leases in three districts and increased the exposure and interaction with Veterans in the districts.


Spinal Cord Commission moves to Freeway Medical Building and Saves $74,000 in Annual Rent

Due to their lease expiring in early 2020, the Arkansas Spinal Cord Commission worked with the Department of Health to move into an existing ADH facility.

Not only did the move save money on rent payments but reduced the office space by nearly 2,000 square feet. The new location will hold 13 staff, supplies, and wheelchairs for clients: is a more efficient use of space: and is more accessible to individuals with disabilities than the prior location.

Budget Hearing Report

Act 910 of 2019 transformed State Government when it when into effect on July 1, 2019. Under Act 565 of 2019, our Department was required to report the savings, efficiencies, and delivery of servicers improvements that each Department has realized in less than a year before of transformation. The report below shows an overall snapshot of savings in Arkansas State Government for the first nine months of transformation.




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