Employee Benefits

Attention ASE and PSE Active Members: Open Enrollment is from October 1 – October 31! During this time, you can cancel coverage, change your Plan, add or drop a dependent and much more! Visit the ARBenefits member portal to make changes.

Medicare-Eligible Retiree Open Enrollment is November 1-30, 2023. The only change that can occur during Retiree Open Enrollment is the ability to change an ARBenefits Retirement Plan. If Retirees are happy with their ARBenefits plan, there is no need to submit any paperwork during the Retiree Open Enrollment.

Note: If current Retirees cancel their coverage for any reason, they are unable to return to ARBenefits indefinitely.

ARBenefits Member Portal

The ARBenefits member portal allows you to enroll online during Open Enrollment or your new hire period, upload documentation such as a marriage license or a birth certificate, view important alerts pertaining to your insurance, update your preferred contact information, and access more information about ARBenefits along with other products.

To register for an account visit the ARBenefits Member Portal and click “Register”

Enroll Online

Enrolling online is the quickest and easiest way to ensure you have the right health coverage. To do this you will need to login or register for an account on the ARBenefits Member Portal. Once you login you will follow these steps:

  1. Click the “Plan Enroll Tab”
  2. Click “Enroll 2023”
  3. Complete all the information and upload any documentation requested on this page and click “Next.”
  4. Review your selections and then click “Approve.”

After all steps have been complete you will see a confirmation page. Should your enrollment require any other information, we will contact you.

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