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Construction Opportunities

wdt_IDProject NameAgencyBid Date and TimeStatusProject NumberBid InfoBid Results
1Exterior Improvements of the Refeld-Hinman Log Cabin at the Arkansas Post Museum State Park located in Gillett, ArkansasArkansas Department of Parks and Tourism03/11/2020 02:00 PMPending9001921RBid InfoBid Results
2Replacement of Waterline at Withrow Springs State Park located in Huntsville, ArkansasArkansas Department of Parks, Heritage & Tourism03/24/2020 02:30 PMPending9002006Bid InfoBid Results
3Construction of Mountain Bike Trailhead Parking and Restroom at Hobbs State Park located in Rogers, ArkansasArkansas Department of Parks, Heritage & Tourism03/24/2020 02:00 PMAwarded9001819RBid InfoBid Results
4Construction of New Standard Employee Residence at Lake Dardanelle State Park located In Dardanelle, ArkansasArkansas Department of Parks Heritage & Tourism03/17/2020 02:00 PMAwarded9002005Bid InfoBid Results
5Replacement of Waterline at DeGray Lake Resort State Park Marina located in Bismarck, ArkansasArkansas Department of Parks, Heritage & Tourism03/18/2020 02:00 PMPending9001826Bid InfoBid Results
6Renovation of Storm Creek Lake Campground at the Mississippi River State Park located in Mariana, ArkansasArkansas Department of Parks and Tourism03/10/2020 02:00 PMAwarded9002004Bid InfoBid Results
7Alterations of 2nd Floor Center and 4th Floor Fire Sprinklers at the Rockefeller Building located in Little Rock ArkansasDepartment of Transformation and Shared Services / Division of Building Authority02/19/2020 02:00 PMAwarded6152008Bid InfoBid Results
8 Replacement of Air Handling Unit at the Justice Building located in Little Rock, ArkansasArkansas Department of Transformation and Shared Services/ DBA05/06/2020 02:00 PMAwarded6152007RBid InfoBid Results
10Site Improvements for Modular Home at Cane Creek State Park located in Star City, Arkansas for the Arkansas Department of Parks and Heritage TourismArkansas Department of Parks & Tourism01/08/2020 02:00 PMPending9001925RBid InfoBid Results
14Construction of River Access Road at Cossatot River State Park Natural Area located in Wickes, ArkansasArkansas Department of Parks & Tourism10/01/2020 02:00 PMPending9002001Bid InfoBid Results
Project NameAgencyBid Date and TimeStatusProject Number




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