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Call Center Priority Statuses

Priority 1 Calls – are defined as a system down situation.  The customer is unable to use the product, which has a critical impact on operations.  No backup/alternative system is available. These tickets should be called in and not email in. 

Priority 2 Calls – are defined as operations being severely restricted by the problem with the customer being able to use the product to some extent. 

Priority 3 Calls – are defined as the customer is able to use the product with some restrictions on the function that is available.  These restrictions do have an impact on the customer’s overall operation. 

Priority 4 Calls – are defined as requests for new products or services or enhancement of existing services where there is no disruption or impairment of systems or access. 

Priority 5 Calls – are defined as longer-term activities such as projects or long-term monitoring of services outside of routine service windows. 

Service Level Targets

 Priority 1 1 hour 4 hours
 Priority 2 4 hours 8 hours
 Priority 3 8 hours 16 hours


  1. DIS provides a contact number (501)-682-4357 Option 3, and toll-free 800-435-7989 Option 3.
  2. For questions about the Service Level Targets, please e-mail
  3. These times are for incidents only.
  4. Some Teams get influxes of tickets that can cause delays. Any ticket can be escalated by contacting the TSS DIS Call Center. 
  5. These are the default response and resolution times for most DIS Services. Depending on Service Levels DIS receives from its vendors, these times may be significantly longer.  Such services include but are not limited to DSL, and services that require parts dispatch.

Incident Reporting and Resolution Requires the following Customer Responsibilities:

  • Make a reasonable effort to determine that the incident does not reside with the customer.
  • Customers must contact the TSS DIS Call Center.Customers must communicate the following information:
    • Service affected.
    • A detailed description of the incident.
    • Urgency (i.e. service degradation, partial functionality or total work stoppage)
    • Impact (i.e. one user, one site, multiple sites).
    • Customers must supply adequate contact names, phone numbers, and email addresses. A lead contact or resolution contact representing customers must be provided.

DIS responsibilities to customer incident reports include the following:
The TSS DIS Call Center will provide a central location for technical support/assistance.

  • Gather information on the nature of the incident
  • Create an incident ticket assign to Service Classifications/Teams 
  • Allocate and mobilize appropriate resources to resolve the incident
  • Communicate on-going status of the incident to the customer as requested
  • Schedule a post-resolution meeting or conference call (only when necessary)
  • These published service timelines pertain to the services currently provided to DIS customers
  • For ALL Priority 1 Incidents:
    • DIS will work round the clock in order to resolve the incident. Incidents of this magnitude require the commitment of appropriate customer resources to assist in the resolution of the incident.  If a customer is unable to commit resources for round the clock assistance in incident resolution, then the incident will be downgraded to Priority 2.
    • Incidents of this magnitude also include a defined escalation/notification process to keep the management of both organizations up to date around the clock.
  • Priority 1 incident response times are calculated as “clock hours”
  • Priority 2 & 3 incident response times are calculated as “business hours” (8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.)

Hours of Operation

The Call Center hours are from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday-Friday. The Data Center Operations staff answers the Call Center phone after normal business hours, on weekends, and on holidays.

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