TSS OPM Training is a division of the Office of Personnel Management that provides a centralized, statewide program to meet the professional development needs of all state departments and employees. The focus of TSS OPM Training is to improve job performance and professional satisfaction through a curriculum of programs and courses designed to enhance skills and knowledge which will benefit both staff members and state departments.

Attending Courses

Virtual courses are now available and will be facilitated using ZOOM.

All in-person courses are held at the Riverdale Conference and Training Center.

Registering for Courses

Registration for classes is now available using the ARCareers MyARLearning Tile. All courses unless otherwise noted are $25.00 a session. Employees may also access TSS OPM Training eLearning (free) courses and materials through the ARCareers MyARLearning Tile.

Registration for classes is now available using the ARCareers MyARLearning Tile.

Riverdale Conference and Training Center

Rooms for training events and meetings are available by reservation. The Riverdale Conference and Training Center is located in the Department of Commerce, One Commerce Way, Building 4, Little Rock, AR. Reservations may be made by calling 501-682-1846.

Training Location


Cancellations may be made up until the day of the class, but if attendance is not canceled, the Department will be held responsible for full payment of registration fees. 

Classes may be rescheduled due to low numbers of enrollees or inclement weather. The Governor’s Inclement Weather Policy is followed by TSS OPM Training on any class days affected by inclement weather. If a class is canceled due to low enrollment or inclement weather, enrollees will be enrolled for the next scheduled class or a later date if more convenient. No additional fees will be charged.

Special Training Programs

TSS OPM Training encourages all employees to participate in regularly scheduled classes. However, a Department/Division may request a particular program be scheduled for only the employees of that specific Department/Division, provided that the request meets a specific need that cannot be met using the regular course schedule or is necessary because of specific personnel issues related to the Department/Division.

All special training programs must be approved by the TSS OPM Training Manager. Special training programs must be courses offered in the regular course catalog, unless otherwise approved by the TSS OPM Training Manager.

Required Supervisory Training

  • Hiring Talent
  • HRkansas for Supervisors
  • Interpersonal Communication 
  • You’ve Got Problems, We’ve Got Solutions

Course Catalog & Suggested Courses

TSS OPM Training wants to hear suggestions from state departments about new course offerings and feedback about current courses. Please contact with any suggestions you may have.

Vendor Number for Training


Contact Information:

TSS OPM Training,
Winthrop Rockefeller Building
501 Woodlane Ave., Suite 205
Little Rock, AR 72201
Phone number: (501) 682-1846
Email Address:




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