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Information Systems

Gary Vance, Chief Information Security Officer

Gary Vance is an experienced Cyber Defense professional recognized for his expertise in establishing and leading global security operations to address risks across diverse industry verticals. With a proven track record, he is a trusted advisor in the data management and data services industries. Gary demonstrates a high level of proficiency in communicating risk management strategy to executive leaders and directors.

With a history of success, Gary has established an advanced level of skill in security risk management services, including physical and IT security, framework development, risk mitigation, executive and board governance, security organizational development, security compliance management, the crafting of security policy, and the design of technical security architecture.

As a business-focused risk leader and Cyber Defense professional, Gary has successfully worked from the executive levels all the way through operations to ensure cyber risk management protects the business and builds trust in the brand. Gary is a Cyber Defense professional ready to stand between businesses and threat actors. He remains a lifelong student of developments in threat detection and mitigation, affirming his ability and adeptness at assisting with every stage of cybersecurity management, from preventative measures to disaster mitigation and recovery.

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