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Information Systems

Network Security

The increasing number of cyber threats makes information security measures a necessary part of doing business. The Division of Information Systems (DIS) security management professionals offers security solutions to ensure the protection of your network. We monitor and manage router and server security, monitor networks for server and router vulnerabilities, and will assist customers with router and server-based security tools based on the state security architecture. DIS Security also assists in setting up virtual private networks (VPN) for authorized individuals seeking secure remote access to state computing resources and information. The costs of many DIS security features are included in other DIS services.

As applicable, DIS is happy to assist in ensuring regulatory compliance, such as IRS, HIPAA, PCI, CJIS, and CIPA compliance.

  • DIS Security includes:
    • – Firewalls
    • – Intrusion prevention systems
    • – Notification of infected computers
    • – Offer advice regarding system clean-up
    • – Notification of current cyber threats
    • – Information security consulting
    • – Assist agency with understanding and interpreting statewide security policies and standards
    • – Protection from cyber threats at the Internet gateway
    • – Computer forensics

Professionally trained technicians are available Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. After-hours support is available for critical issues. To make a request, please contact the DIS Call Center at

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