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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I download the Public Plat Access Viewer?

You can download the Public Plat Access Viewer by visiting the Division of Land Survey’s webpage.

Can I get help with the Plat Viewer?

The GIS Division of Land Surveys has a resource page for you if you are having problems with the Plat Viewer.

Where do I find a land surveyor?

You can find a land surveyor by searching your county on the Division of Land Surveys website.

How do I connect to ASDI ArcGIS Services?

To ensure that our users are able to fully leverage the GeoStor platform’s ArcGIS Server functionality there are instructions to connect to GeoStor’s ArcGIS Server instance to consume and display Map & Feature Services dynamically.

How can I coordinate with the GIS Office for my annexation?

Act 914 of 2015 requires the Arkansas GIS Office and cities to coordinate together on municipal boundary and annexation changes. Our goal is that changes to your city boundary begin with a GIS map. View the Municipal Boundary and Annexation Program page on the GIS webpage for more information.

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