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Secretary’s Office


Chief Data Officer (Chair)Robert McGough
Chief Information Security OfficerGary Vance
Chief Privacy OfficerJennifer Davis
Department of AgricultureSecretary Wes Ward
Department of CommerceSecretary Hugh McDonald
Department of CorrectionsSecretary Lindsay Wallace
Department of Education Arijit Sarkar
Department of Energy and EnvironmentDan Pearson
Department of Finance and AdministrationSecretary Jim Hudson
Department of HealthJim Carter
Department of Human ServicesMitch Rouse
Department of Inspector GeneralSecretary Allison Bragg
Department of Labor and LicensingSecretary Daryl Bassett
Department of Parks, Heritage, and TourismSecretary Shae Lewis
Department of Public SafetyAllen Fitzgerald
Department of Transformation and Shared ServicesJay Harton
Department of Veterans AffairsSecretary Kendall Penn
Department of the MilitaryMajor General Johnathan Stubbs
Arkansas Chief Justice AppointeeTimothy Holthoff
Arkansas Attorney General AppointeeMatthew Ford
President Pro Tempore of the Senate AppointeeCory Scott
Speaker of the House AppointeeMichael Verdesca

History of Data and Transparency Panel (DTP)

Act 1282 of 2015 established the Open Data and Transparency Task Force to determine the best practices to achieve the most efficient systems for maintaining and delivering the state’s public records and data. Based on the recommendations that came out of the Task Force, Act 912 of 2017 was passed, creating the Data and Transparency Panel (DTP) within the Department of Information Systems to provide recommendations on data governance and data sharing (A.C.A. § 25-4-127).

Following the passage of Act 910 of 2019, the Transformation and Efficiencies Act, the Department of Information Systems was renamed the Division of Information Systems (DIS) and moved under the new Department of Transformation and Shared Services (A.C.A. § 25-4-127). During the 2021 General Session, Act 912 of 2017 was amended, moving the Data and Transparency Panel (DTP) duties directly under the Department of Transformation and Shared Services (TSS) and aligning the membership to correspond to the 15 state cabinet departments Act 742 of 2021.

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