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Procurement Training

The Department of Transformation and Shared Services (TSS), through its Office of Personnel Management (OPM) and its Office of State Procurement (OSP), provides the following learning resources for persons seeking to learn more about Arkansas Procurement Law and procurement processes:

  1. Online procurement training courses through MyARLearning and live webinars.
  2. TSS OSP P-Card training through MyARLearning.
  3. The State of Arkansas Procurement Manual, a searchable procurement process reference.
  4. State of Arkansas Procurement Laws and Rules, a searchable compilation.
  5. Procurement Forum schedule and links to recordings of previous forums.

ARCareers:  MyARLearning Online Procurement Courses

TSS OPM provides online procurement training for the state’s procurement personnel.

We want to ensure all Arkansas procurement professionals have access to information that will allow them to better serve the departments and institutions they work for and, by extension, the people of Arkansas whom they serve.

Any state employee conducting procurements under Arkansas Procurement Law is required, by law, to receive a minimum amount of procurement instruction annually.

A state employee who will be authorized to procure commodities or services in an amount of $75,000 or more must have at least 2 hours of continuing procurement training annually.

A state employee who is only authorized to make requisitions and/or procure commodities and/or services in an amount of $75,000 or less is required to have at least 1 hour of continuing procurement training annually.

Below is a list of approved courses and the amount of training time that they are recognized for.

Approved Course Listing – Time Credited

1.1 Introduction to Procurement and Certification1
1.2 Procurement Overview1
1.3 Creating a Purchase Requisition (PR)3
1.3A Approving a Purchase Requisition0.5
1.4 Basic Concepts for Buyers2.5
1.5 Executing a Small Order (SO) Procurement1
1.6 Executing a Competitive Bid (CB) Procurement3
1.7 Negotiation2.5
1.8 Using State & Cooperative Contracts1.5

All of the classes above are provided free of charge. Other classes may count towards meeting the initial or continuing procurement training requirements with approval from TSS OSP.  To access the above classes, login to MyARLearning and type Procurement into the Search for Learning search box.

(Please note, if you are not an ARCareers user, you can access the courses at the bottom of this page, but no ARCareers record will be created of your successful completion. ARCareers users are expected to access the courses and document their successful completion through MyARLearning.)

For additional information regarding the State’s procurement training requirements or the subject matter of the courses, please contact TSS OSP at (501) 324-9316. For additional information regarding access to or availability of the courses, please contact TSS OPM Training at (501) 682-1846 or

Live Procurement Webinars

In addition to the online training offered through ARCareers, OSP offers live, virtual webinars that cover the online courses. These webinars provide an opportunity for procurement professionals to receive real-time instruction and clarification of updated processes and resources. TSS created a convenient Procurement Training Schedule webpage dedicated to listing all available webinars.  

Purchasing Card (P-Card) Classes

A state employee must attend a P-Card training class prior to being issued a P-Card or being authorized as the P-Card reviewer for their agency. Purchase Card and Travel Card training is available through the MyARLearning tile in ARCareers. For more information, visit the State Credit Cards webpage.

Procurement Manual

The Procurement Manual now has its own webpage. To access it, click on the left menu option for Arkansas Procurement Manual and Training.


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Online Procurement Courses

1.1 Introduction to Procurement and Certification (website eLearning)

1.1 Introduction to Procurement and Certification Certificate

1.2 Procurement Overview Course (website eLearning)

1.2 Procurement Overview Certificate

1.3 Creating a Purchase Requisition (website eLearning)

1.3 Creating a Purchase Requisition Certificate

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