Supervisory Courses

VIRTUAL – Hiring Talent: State hiring regulations are explained and include Veteran’s Preference.  Interviewing techniques will also be explored. FEE: $25.00

VIRTUAL – You’ve Got Problems, We’ve Got Solutions: This course focuses on coaching and counseling options for resolving employee performance and behavioral issues. FEE: $25.00

VIRTUAL – HRkansas for Supervisors: This course will identify various leave types available for state employees. It will also describe FOIA, ethics, and employment law. FEE: $25.00

VIRTUAL – Interpersonal Communications: Many of the problems we encounter in the workplace are caused by miscommunication.  Interpersonal Communication covers the different ways in which we communicate, barriers to communication, the importance of perception, and techniques for clear and effective communication. This course includes techniques for having difficult conversations and communicating with your team in a virtual world. FEE: $25.00

FranklinCovey Courses

VIRTUAL – FranklinCovey – Organize and Prioritize Effectively with Better Time Management (Half-Day): How do you distinguish the important from the less and not important?  This half-day class will help you focus on how to manage your time daily and weekly to achieve your most important outcomes. FEE: $25.00

VIRTUAL – FranklinCovey – Generational Insights: We’ve all likely seen generational differences.  So how do you lead, manage, communicate, and influence the different generations?  In Generational Insights we will discuss new ways to view and engage with each generation.  We will discuss the generational myths and stereotypes that divide us and share solutions that bring us together.  FEE: $25.00

VIRTUAL – FranklinCovey – Building High Trust as a Leader Overview (1 Hour): 1 Hour of the case for trust, self-trust, relationship trust, increasing personal credibility, building, restoring and extending trust. FREE

VIRTUAL – FranklinCovey – Building High Trust as a Leader (1 Day): As a leader, there is a need for understanding the case for trust, developing self-trust and relationship trust, and increasing personal credibility.  Building, restoring and extending trust as a manager will lead to a high-performing team that is agile, collaborative and engaged. FEE: $25.00

VIRTUAL – FranklinCovey – Speed of Trust Foundations: This course will assist participants in identifying and addressing “trust gaps” in their personal credibility and relationships at work. FEE: $25.00

VIRTUAL – FranklinCovey – Unconscious Bias: Every day, your people are faced with countless bits of information while making decisions that range from the pragmatic to the strategic. As they confront more and more information and have to act quickly while considering varying perspectives, your leaders and team members are primed to rely on biased thinking called unconscious bias. FEE: $25.00

VIRTUAL – FranklinCovey – 6 Critical Practices of Leading a TEAM: This course will equip first-level managers with the skills to get work done with and through other people.  This program will assist a new leader in the transition from individual contributor to manager of a team. FEE: $25.00

VIRTUAL – FranklinCovey – The 7 Habits Foundations: Great performance requires a common set of values, behaviors, and skills that align individual capabilities to their organization’s strategy.  In the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People Foundations, participants will learn how to make better choices about how they spend their time and energy and also learn how to work more effectively with others to achieve far better results. FEE: $25.00

VIRTUAL – FranklinCovey – Writing Advantage: This course can help you get your message across quickly and persuasively every time.  You will learn how to write with maximum impact and clarity with the following process:  Identify your reason for writing, identify what the reader needs, identify the kind of response needed, and build confidence in writing style and grammar. FEE: $25.00

VIRTUAL – FranklinCovey – Project Management Essentials for the Unofficial Project Manager: Project Management Essentials will provide the mindset, skillset and toolset that will consistently deliver successful projects to completion. FEE: $25.00

VIRTUAL – FranklinCovey – Lead More Effective Meetings : Ineffective meetings can swallow up time, energy, and money. The trouble is that meetings are a key component of day-to-day business. In order to propel your team forward, meetings need to be prepared effectively, proceed productively, and end with a clear plan of action. These learning experiences will help you improve your meeting effectiveness so you can stop wasting time and get results. FEE: $25.00

VIRTUAL – FranklinCovey – Having Difficult Conversations: Difficult conversations are those with high stakes, strong emotions, or deeply held opinions. Whether you have to fire someone, tell your boss that your team won’t hit a key goal, or give hard feedback to a team member, navigating difficult conversations is part of succeeding. It takes time to get good at having these conversations, but with courage and practice, this skill can become a strength. Learn foundational skill for any conversation and use Bonus Materials to prepare for specific situations in which you may need to have a difficult conversation. FEE: $25.00

FREE Courses

VIRTUAL – MyARCareers Recruiting for Managers: This course will demonstrate the steps that managers will complete in My ARCareers Recruiting for Managers for filling a vacant position.  Tasks include requesting to fill the position, selecting candidates to interview, and selecting a candidate for hire. FREE

VIRTUAL – Quick Start for ARCareers: This course is a one hour overview of MyARCareers for state employees.  Login procedures and the following featured tiles will be presented:  My Profile, MyARLearning and Careers. FREE

VIRTUAL – Manage Your Zoom Event Course: This course goes beyond scheduling a meeting and demonstrates Zoom features (breakout rooms, polls, participant management) that will engage and secure your Zoom meeting attendees. FREE  




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