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State of Arkansas Grievances

Arkansas law establishes a grievance procedure for eligible state employees who have been suspended or terminated from their employment. (Arkansas Code Annotated § 21-1-701 et seq.) Employees should contact their human resources office with questions about their department’s grievance policy. For other grievance questions, contact the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) at 501-682-5350 or

OPM offers grievance training that is specific to an employee’s role in the grievance process.  

Training Courses

Grievance Officer

The Grievance Officer is the person designated by the department with the responsibility to be the liaison and coordinator between the employee (grievant), the department and OPM. This course is for those employees chosen by their departments to serve as Grievance Officers and provides an overview of the role and responsibility of serving as a Grievance Officer.  

State Employee Grievance Appeal Panel

The State Employee Grievance Appeal Panel (“SEGAP”) is an impartial appeal panel established with the authority to review grievance appeals and conduct appeal hearings to review the facts of a case and issue a decision. This course is for those employees chosen by their department to serve as members of SEGAP.  

Hearing Officer

The Hearing Officer or Committee is an impartial person or committee appointed by the department to conduct the department-level grievance hearing and make a recommendation for resolution to the Department Secretary.  A Hearing Officer is employed by the department that is a party to the grievance.  

Forms & Resources

Agreement to Mediate
Grievance Form – Appeal to SEGAP
Grievance Form
Grievance Form – Request for a Whistle-blower Hearing
Mediation Non-Settlement
Mediation Settlement Agreement
Mediation Program
SEGAP Hearing Participant Information
SEGAP Hearing Witness List

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