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The Department of Human Services (DHS) / Office of Finance and Administration (DDFA) Assistant Director for Quality Assurance is responsible for overseeing the application

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Typical Functions:

Provides leadership for the human resources section within the Department of Human Services, including the recruitment and position placement for personnel as well as the development of applicant selection criteria and strategic plans for position replacement. Manages personnel processing in an attempt to ensure that all personnel actions effecting the position are incorporated, including compensation benefits and employment status. Provides policy and procedures management assistance to all departmental divisions, ensuring responsibility for compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, Family Medical Leave Act, criminal background check, and catastrophic leave program. Provides technical support to division executives regarding human resource management. Manages services provided for the print and copy center, including duplicating services, distribution of equipment, central mail services, and asset management assistance. Coordinates activities for intradepartmental personnel with multiple organizations by reviewing requests, presenting statistical justification, and implementing necessary actions. Performs administrative duties by conducting special studies and serving on numerous committees for proper identification of personnel issues and budgetary requirements. Resolves personnel problems including providing both recommendations to departmental management staff as well as clarification for existing policies. Performs other duties as assigned.

Knowledge, Abilities, and Skills:

Knowledge of human resources systems. Knowledge of applicant tracking systems. Knowledge of financial management systems. Knowledge of leadership development programs. Knowledge of presentation and communication techniques. Knowledge of federal and state labor and employment laws. Knowledge of general regulations relating to quality assurance. Knowledge of coding for disorders exhibited by departmental customers. Ability to develop unique presentation and communication techniques. Ability to work effectively with additional administrative directors and managerial personnel.

Minimum Qualifications:

The formal education equivalent of a bachelor’s degree in human resource management or public administration; plus four years of experience in human resources or public administration, including three years in a supervisory role. Additional requirements determined by the agency for recruiting purposes require review and approval by the Office of Personnel Management. OTHER JOB RELATED EDUCATION AND/OR EXPERIENCE MAY BE SUBSTITUTED FOR ALL OR PART OF THESE BASIC REQUIREMENTS, EXCEPT FOR CERTIFICATION OR LICENSURE REQUIREMENTS, UPON APPROVAL OF THE QUALIFICATIONS REVIEW COMMITTEE.

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