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Information Systems

User Experience

Customer will have access to the Customer-specific virtual resources (i.e., servers, storage, backups, etc.) provisioned within the STS environment. This does not include access to the underlying physical host hardware. 

Customers will be provided with a self-service landing page that will be branded with their specific logos and will provide access to the various tools and provisioned systems. Standard catalog items will be provided for users to select from for system provisioning and modification. The provisioning and modification processes are fully automated, including financial and technical approval notifications as required. Customers will have access to standard dashboards and reports and can work with DIS to create customer-specific dashboards and reports. 

(NOTE – customers can still submit a request for DIS to provision and/or modify systems for them if they are not comfortable doing this on their own.) 

Remote access options will be provided by DIS using Zscaler for State employees and Cisco AnyConnect VPN for vendor resources (assuming they have passed the requisite background checks).


Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
Platform as a Service (PaaS)
Public Cloud Services
Enterprise DNS, DHCP and IPAM (DDI)
• User Experience
Scanning, Reporting, Monitoring and Logging
Enterprise Storage
Enterprise Backup

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