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Employee Benefits

EBD Advisory Commissions

The Employee Benefits Division now has the added assistance of the State and Public School Health Benefits Advisory Commissions. Act 114 of 2022 empowers the commissions, comprised of current State and Public-School employees, retirees, and others, to produce policy and guidance recommendations for the Arkansas State and Public School Life and Health Insurance Program.

The commissions will meet monthly, with a minimum of 12 meetings annually. Keep up with the latest information and upcoming meetings below.

Upcoming Meetings

Joint Advisory Commission MeetingMeeting Agenda and Information
10:00 AMClick here to join the meeting.

State of Arkansas Health Benefits Advisory Commission Members

NameAppointed by
Marty CasteelFormer Governor Asa Hutchinson
Jerry JonesArkansas House of Representatives
Cynthia DunlapFormer Governor Asa Hutchinson
Ronda WalthallArkansas Senate
Bruce MalochFormer Governor Asa Hutchinson

Public-School Health Benefits Advisory Commission Members

NameAppointed by
Julie BatesFormer Governor Asa Hutchinson
Kurt KnickrehmFormer Governor Asa Hutchinson
Greg RogersFormer Governor Asa Hutchinson
Jim TuckerArkansas House of Representatives
Billy JacksonArkansas Senate

Joint Advisory Commission Meeting Minutes

Receive Updates about the Advisory Commission Meetings

Former State and Public-School Life and Health Insurance Board information

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