Arkansas Law (A. C. A.  § 19-11-268 and § 19-11-1013) requires agencies to report a vendor’s performance under contracts with a total projected cost (TPC) of $25,000 or more, excluding Property Leases and Construction Projects.

If issues arise during the reporting period that result in a Below Standard Performance, submit the VPR at the time of the occurrence and again at the end of the 3 month reporting period.  If a vendor is not meeting the required performance standards and you need assistance from OSP to resolve the issues, indicate in the comments section of the VPR that OSP will need to take further action.

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Each VPR must be approved by the agency’s director or his/her designated staff.

When to report: 

  • Term Contracts: Vendor performance reports (VPRs) must be submitted at least once every 3 months of the contract term.  At the end of the contract term, a final VPR must also be submitted.  Term contracts are presented in AASIS as Outline Agreements.  
  • If your term contract validity start date is July 1st then your initial rating period will end September 30th. The VPR must be submitted through the VPR portal within 15 calendar days. 
  • Firm Contracts: A VPR must be submitted after the final delivery has been received.  Firm contracts are those for fixed delivery and are represented in AASIS by purchase orders.  POs which reference Outline Agreements are not considered firm contracts. 

Who reports: 

  • All state agencies, as defined in §19-11-203(30)(A), must provide vendor performance reports. 
  • Each VPR must be reviewed by the agency’s director or his/her designee. 


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