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Contract Details

Expiration Date Contract Tracking Number Outline Agreement Number Vendor
01/22/2025 S000000047 4600050060, 4600050070, 4600050105 Gulf States Distributors Inc., G. T. Distributors, Inc., Precision Delta Corporation
Buyer Co-Op Mandatory Minority Green
Kimberly Haywood No No No

AASIS Information

Vendor Number Material Number Material Group Number AASIS Contract Number
4600050060, 4600050070, 460005015

AASIS Details

Gulf States Distributors Inc – 4600050060, G. T. Distributors, Inc. – 4600050070, Precision Delta Corporation – 4600050105

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Contact Information



Juan Montalvo - G. T. Distributors, Inc. 512-451-8298 ext. 1210
Ginger Stillions - Precision Delta Corporation 662-756-2810
Tommy Trammel - Gulf States Distributors, Inc. 334-271-2010

Additional Info

Notes for using entities:

  1. The prices quoted will be the “Normal Inside Delivery” prices. Prices quoted do not include any excise taxes.
  2. Minimum order quantities are three (3) cases unless otherwise noted. Note: Items may be combined to satisfy the minimum order quantity.
  3. Items are to be delivered (FOB Destination) to the location specified. Entities are encouraged to check with the contractor prior to ordering to ascertain any possible additional delivery charge amount.

ARBuy Details: Gulf States Distributors Inc. (ARBuy MBPO P000000175), G. T. Distributors, Inc. (ARBuy MBPO P000000173), and Precision Delta Corporation (ARBuy MBPO P000000174)

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