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How to Report

  • Access the VPR portal from the VPR section of the OSP website 
  • Select “Create VPR Form” 
  • For AASIS users, most information is derived 
  • For non AASIS users, enter all required information 
  • Enter rating 
  • Attach all relevant documentation to support a below standard rating 
  • Include a copy of the contract and indicate section(s) of contract not in compliance 
  • Provide details of attempts made to resolve the issues with the vendor and the vendor’s responses 
  • Review the information entered 
  • Submit the report 

Helpful Information:

  • The system will assign a unique number to your VPR 
  • Once you submit your VPR through the portal, you will not be able to make changes 
  • If changes are required, send an email to  
  • Reference the VPR number, describe changes and include all relevant documentation 
  • The VPR portal has a reporting tool available to track and monitor the submitted VPRs. This will be a helpful resource when tracking the number of VPRs submitted for a contract 
  • Please email your questions to
  • Reports will be reviewed by OSP 
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