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Health-Plan Fixes Advance; No Premium Increases For School Employees, State Panel Urges

Written by Michael R. Wickline, Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

July 8, 2021

The State Board of Finance on Wednesday recommended no premium increases next year for current employees and retirees in the state’s health insurance plan for public school employees.

The board also recommended cutting the wellness credit for current employees from $50 to $25 a month and creating a $25 monthly contribution for those employees who don’t participate in the wellness credit next year. The board also called for requiring 45 employees to visit their primary care doctors for the wellness credit next year.

The health insurance plan covers more than 100,000 public school employees and retirees.

The finance board’s recommendations were approved with no audible dissenters and now head to the Legislative Council for its consideration under Act 1004 of 2021.

Act 1004 dissolved the State and Public School Life and Health Insurance Board and temporarily transferred its duties to the Board of Finance.

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