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The Department of Information Systems (DIS) Scheduler is responsible for scheduling and monitoring of data processing production jobs. This position is governed by state

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Special Job Requirements:

Occasional off-shift work schedules are required. Daily and weekend overtime are required as a normal part of the job. May require in-state travel.

Typical Functions:

Receives and coordinates input tapes and data necessary to run programs. Establishes scheduling priorities and sets up production jobs. Assists in developing special schedules or new systems production job set-ups. Identifies and corrects problems caused by incorrect input or output and contacts appropriate resources to assist in problem correction. Maintains job control language (JCL), runs books, and checks logs to verify that output is correct. Provides quick response to e-mail and trouble ticket requests. Authorizes and schedules use of data processing equipment and files after normal working hours and on weekends. Communicates with users and programming staff on systems output. Checks job completion codes and tape information by reviewing tapes management system, JCL listings, system catalog, and system log. Performs other duties as assigned.

Knowledge, Abilities, and Skills:

Knowledge of monitoring systems. Knowledge of job control language. Knowledge of computer operations procedures. Ability to schedule processing time of information systems operations to ensure effective utilization of equipment. Ability to establish schedule priorities and set up production jobs. Ability to maintain job control language, run books, and check logs, to read, comprehend, and assimilate highly technical documents and use that knowledge for practical application. Ability to effectively communicate in written and verbal formats.

Minimum Qualifications:

The formal education equivalent of a high school diploma; plus two years of experience in data processing or information system production scheduling.

Required Certificates:

Must possess a valid Arkansas driver’s license if in-state travel is required.


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