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The Sign Language Interpreter is responsible for facilitating communication between deaf and/or hearing impaired individuals and serving as a liaison between deaf/hearing impaired students,

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Typical Functions:

Interprets lectures, discussions, announcements, conversations, events, and other spoken work situations using manual sign system appropriate for the language and to cultural background of deaf/hearing impaired students. Maintains current knowledge of interpretation methods and opportunities for skill development, maintains certification by completing continuing education units requirements. Collaborates with faculty and education departments to gain understanding of relevant concepts to better facilitate translation for deaf/hearing impaired students. Provides consultation and outreach services for the community and other agencies in the area. Prepares and monitors community sign language classes and tutoring sessions. Identifies members of Sign Communication Proficiency Interview (SCPI) team and set up training for SCPI team. Prepares status reports, memorandums, and other correspondence; plans, creates, implements American Sign Language (ASL) programs for students and attends and participates in meetings and seminars. Performs other duties as assigned.

Knowledge, Abilities, and Skills:

Knowledge of state and federal laws, regulations and polices governing education in the state. Knowledge of deaf awareness, culture, ASL, SCPI policies and procedures, staff development techniques, and training practice. Knowledge of curriculum and instructional programs and practices for appropriate level. Ability to translate spoken English to ASL and vice versa. Ability to teach sign language classes, devleop, implement, and monitor programs for the hearing impaired, and give instruction in the use and care of hearing devices. Abiliity to conduct and coordinate workshops and provide consultation and outreach services for community. Ability to prepare reports and maintain confidential records. Skill in ASL.

Minimum Qualifications:

The formal education equivalent of a bachelor’s degree in linguistics, education, or a related field; plus one year of instructional experience in the area being taught.

Required Certificates:

Must be certified in American Sign Language (ASL).


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