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The Security Officer Supervisor is responsible for the security operation of an agency. This position is governed by state and federal laws and agency/institution

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Typical Functions:

Supervises a small to medium-sized staff of security personnel, including interviewing applicants and recommending for hiring, approving leave, conducting background checks, training employees, making work assignments, and evaluating the performance incumbents. Supervises and performs foot and/or motorized patrol of buildings, grounds, and parking areas, and may issue parking tickets. Takes corrective actions for minor violations and coordinates with local law enforcement personnel for the more serious violations. Maintains fire and security alarm systems by monitoring the alarm panels, arming and disarming the systems, inspecting, and conducting required tests to ensure proper operations. Directs and conducts inspection of buildings and grounds for fire and safety hazards, security, and unauthorized personnel, and takes corrective actions as needed. Maintains security communication system, controls access codes and key logs, and issues keys as directed. Supervises the operation of agencies’ switchboard during holidays and non-working hours to ensure that calls are properly answered, directed, and logged. Conducts research and develops and maintains standard operating procedures for a security section. Compiles and maintains required reports and files. Performs other duties as assigned.

Knowledge, Abilities, and Skills:

Knowledge of supervisory practices and procedures. Knowledge of public safety policies, procedures, and regulations. Knowledge of public safety methods and techniques. Ability to plan, organize, and oversee the work of subordinates. Ability to perform security duties and direct the activities of a security section. Ability to conduct and direct fire and safety inspections. Ability to communicate orally and in writing.

Minimum Qualifications:

The formal education equivalent of a high school diploma; plus three years of experience in security, law enforcement, fire safety, or a related field, including one year in a leadership capacity. Additional requirements determined by the agency for recruiting purposes require review and approval by the Office of Personnel Management. OTHER JOB RELATED EDUCATION AND/OR EXPERIENCE MAY BE SUBSTITUTED FOR ALL OR PART OF THESE BASIC REQUIREMENTS, EXCEPT FOR CERTIFICATION OR LICENSURE REQUIREMENTS, UPON APPROVAL OF THE QUALIFICATIONS REVIEW COMMITTEE.

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