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The Racing Commission Steward is responsible for the enforcement of all Commission Rules and supervising all licensed jockeys, trainers, owners and track back-stretch employees.

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Special Job Requirements:

The Stewards work irregular hours, including holidays and weekends.

Typical Functions:

Regulate and govern the conduct of all racing officials and of all owners, trainers, jockeys, grooms and other persons attendant to horses during, before and after races, unless the power and the duty is reserved to the Racing Commission. Conduct investigations for violations of law or the Rules of the Racing Commission and shall each have the power to conduct searches of persons licensed by the Racing Commission, employees and agents of the franchise holder and employees and agents of vendors conducting business on the grounds of the franchise holder, including, without limitation, searches of any and all such persons’ personal effects and property in the person’s possession or control. All entries and declarations shall be under the supervision of the Stewards. Determine all questions arising with reference to entries and racing. Punish violations of racing rules by any person subject to their control, and in their discretion impose fines or suspensions, or both, for infractions. Require any licensee having direct physical contact with horses or direct responsibility for some portion of the day’s racing program, or whose duties place him or her in a position of danger, or who commits an act that endangers a horse or human to provide breath or urine samples for analysis. Suspend a person or disqualify a horse. Exclude or eject from all premises and enclosures of the franchise holder any person who is disqualified for corrupt practices on the turf in any country, or so exclude or eject any other improper or objectionable persons. Demand proof that a horse is not disqualified in any particular and is not entered or owned in whole or in part by a disqualified or ineligible person or trained in whole or in part by a disqualified or ineligible person. Declare a horse disqualified. Examine or cause to be examined any horse stabled on or off the grounds of the franchise holder. Be on call during the race meet. Investigate promptly and render a decision in every protest and in every complaint properly made to them. Before the close of each day file with the Racing Commission a signed report of any and all infractions of the Rules coming under their observance that day, and shall file with the Racing Commission all rulings on infractions or otherwise as soon as said rulings are made. Conduct investigations and hearings to determine if a licensee or any person has violated the rules of the Racing Commission. Maintain a list of horses that they determine exhibit poor or inconsistent performance during a race or where there are questions or issues involving the ownership of a horse. Enforce the rules and regulations of the Racing Commission. Exclude or excuse from racing any horse which is unfit; order testing of any horse for the presence of drugs; cancel or revoke entries; supervise all entries and declarations. Make determinations on all disputed matters connected with award of purses, nullifying results of a race, disqualification of contesting horses. Rule on any objection to any decision of an official; to receive and/or hear complaints against any official; to receive or to make objection to results of a race. Make and/or approve arrangements for conduct of the meet. Exercise control over all grounds of the track; to exclude any person from the grounds and/or impose penalties against such person for prescribed offenses. Ensure that all participants in racing are licensed in Arkansas.

Knowledge, Abilities, and Skills:

Knowledge of Commission Rules, track house policies, racing industry standard practices, and practical knowledge of the racing industry. The Stewards act as referees / game officials for horse racing and must have the knowledge and skills to observe each race and identify fouls, interference, and other rule violations that occur during the race. The Stewards are also involved in drug testing and qualification issues for the different types of races or reasons for the disqualification of horses that enter the races. Experience in the horse racing industry as a licensed racing official, jockey, trainer or other similar position.

Minimum Qualifications:

At least three years of experience as a licensed racing official; or At least five years of experience in the pari-mutuel horse racing industry as a licensed trainer or jockey; or At least ten years of experience in the pari-mutuel horse racing industry as a licensed owner.

Required Certificates:


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