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The Psychiatric Specialist is responsible for diagnosing, treating, and helping to prevent disorders of the mind. This position is governed by state and federal

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Typical Functions:

Provides general supervision of the work of subordinate employees by prioritizing work assignments, establishing deadlines, providing general instructions, and reviewing the work performed to ensure technical accuracy and compliance with instructions or established policies and procedures. Counsels outpatients and other patients during office visits and prescribes, directs, and administers psychotherapeutic treatments or medications to treat mental, emotional, or behavioral disorders. Examines or conducts laboratory or diagnostic tests on patient to provide information on general physical condition and mental disorder and analyzes and evaluates patient data and test or examination findings to diagnose nature and extent of mental disorder. Advises and informs guardians, relatives, and significant others of patients’ conditions and treatment and collaborates with physicians, psychologists, social workers, psychiatric nurses, or other professionals to discuss treatment plans and progress. Gathers and maintains patient information and records, including social and medical history obtained from patients, relatives, and other professionals and designs individualized care plans using a variety of treatments. Reviews and evaluates treatment procedures and outcomes of other psychiatrists and medical professionals and prepares and submits case reports and summaries to government and mental health agencies. Serves on committees to promote and maintain community mental health services and delivery systems. Teaches, conducts research, and publishes findings to increase understanding of mental, emotional, and behavioral states and disorders. Performs other duties as assigned.

Knowledge, Abilities, and Skills:

Knowledge of the principles and practices of modern medicine. Knowledge of the principles and practices of psychiatry. Knowledge of psychotherapeutic procedures. Knowledge of emergency medical procedures. Knowledge of the principles and practices of pharmacology. Knowledge of characteristics of people with developmental disabilities. Knowledge of supervisory practices and procedures. Ability to plan, organize, and oversee the work of subordinates. Ability to establish and maintain the physician/patient relationship. Ability to diagnose and treat patients. Ability to prepare reports and maintain files. Ability to diagnose and treat mental and physical illness. Ability to plan, develop, monitor, and revise individual treatment programs. Ability to prepare reports and maintain files. Ability to conduct individual counseling sessions.

Minimum Qualifications:

The formal education equivalent of medical degree from an approved institution and successful completion of the internship or resident postgraduate requirements; plus seven years of progressively more responsible experience in the psychiatric medical field, including four years in a professional managerial capacity.

Required Certificates:

Must be licensed as a Psychiatrist by the State Medical Board in accordance with ACA 17-95-401 et al.


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