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The Pest Control Technician is responsible for the inspection and extermination of pest infestation. This position is governed by state and federal laws and

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Special Job Requirements:

Frequent area or in-state travel and exposure to rodents, termites, other pests, infestations, chemicals/pesticides and equipment are required.

Typical Functions:

Inspects premises to identify infestation source and extent of damage to property, wall and roof porosity, and access to infested locations. Sprays or dusts chemical solutions, powders, or gases into rooms, onto clothing, furnishings or wood, and over marshlands, ditches, and catch-basins. Records signs noted, such as wood damage, tunnels, and droppings and estimates degree of infestation in compliance with Arkansas Pest Control laws and regulations. Directs and/or assists other workers in treatment and extermination processes to eliminate and control rodents, insects, and weeds. Studies preliminary reports and diagrams of infested area and determines treatment type required to eliminate and prevent recurrence of infestation. Examines treatment specifications for compliance with government rules and regulations. Provides training for pest technicians by providing a minimum of 6 hours on-the-job training to pest control applicators including safety, equipment usage, material application, material safety data sheet training, and chemical labeling and handling. Orders required chemicals/oversees their proper storage and preparation. Provides technical advice and assistance to various groups regarding rodent or other pest control programs. Performs other duties as assigned.

Knowledge, Abilities, and Skills:

Knowledge of state and federal laws, rules, and regulations concerning the use of hazardous chemicals and pesticides. Knowledge of habits, signs, habitats, and diseases spread by various types of pests. Knowledge of accepted pest control procedures and methods. Ability to read and interpret technical information regarding the use and safety measures involved in the use of hazardous chemicals. Ability to inspect building and other areas for signs of pest infestations and to estimate degree of infestation. Ability to communicate effectively in verbal or written format.

Minimum Qualifications:

The formal education equivalent of a high school diploma; plus four years of experience in the pest control industry.

Required Certificates:

Must possess a Commercial Pest Control Applicators License by the State Plant Board in accordance with ACA 17-37-201. Must possess a valid Arkansas driver’s license.


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