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The Office of the Arkansas Lottery (OAL) Key Chain Account Manager is responsible for maximizing the sale of lottery products at all existing, assigned

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Special Job Requirements:

Ability and willingness to travel, lift, carry and transport ASL/retailer materials as needed.

Typical Functions:

Establishes and enhances working relationships with assigned corporate accounts and manages their lottery business on an ongoing basis. Presents, negotiates, and secures approval of retailer incentive plans for all assigned accounts and ensures/monitors compliance of plan elements. Performs sales performance reviews with chain decision-makers and develops strategies/action plans as needed to optimize lottery sales at all of their outlets. Develops and coordinates implementation of sales promotions with assigned chain contacts designed to increment lottery sales on all products. Performs ongoing special projects at assigned chain accounts, i.e., determining the impact of new technologies/equipment on assigned chains, training on new products/product enhancements, executing various merchandising strategies, and proposing options for lottery signage. Provides input into the development of annual goals and strategies to the Sales Director for integration into the overall marketing plan. Performs other duties as assigned.€‚

Knowledge, Abilities, and Skills:

Ability to communicate effectively by preparing and presenting oral and written reports. Ability to establish, maintain and enhance working relationships. Knowledge of negotiation and presentation skills. Knowledge of wholesale/route sales or retail sales management which may include lottery sales. Ability to efficiently perform functions using a computer.

Minimum Qualifications:

The formal education equivalent of a bachelor’s degree in sales, business administration, marketing or a related field; plus five years of work experience in lottery sales, including two years of supervisory sales experience and/or significant experience in wholesale/route sales or retail sales management, which may include lottery sales.

Required Certificates:

Must have a valid Arkansas driver’s license.


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