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The Military Deputy Adjutant General is responsible for overseeing the training and mobilization for both the Arkansas Army National Guard and the Arkansas Air National Guard so that they remain fully prepared for activation within any national emergency situation. This position is governed by state and federal laws and agency policy.

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Special Job Requirements:

This position requires a government security clearance level of ‘Top Secret’.

Typical Functions:

Serves the military adjutant general by making decisions in the absence of him / her and advising him / her in all aspects of daily operational activities; represents him / her at numerous official functions and public events throughout the state. Supervises all personnel within the army national guard and the air national guard in regards to federal and state operational activities. Assesses the overall mobilization preparedness level for all relevant departmental units. Serves as the primary liaison between the office of the governor and the department. Serves as the chairperson for both the Arkansas National Guard Morale, Welfare, and Recreation Activity as well as the Arkansas National Guard Safety Council. Monitors the development processes occurring at both Camp Robinson and Fort Chaffee. Monitors all financial aspects of the department, including budgets, expenditures, and funding allocations, and creates necessary alterations for compliance purposes. Performs other duties as assigned.

Knowledge, Abilities, and Skills:

Knowledge of military regulations and requirements. Knowledge of state budgetary policies and procedures. Knowledge of federal systems pertaining to military operational activities. Knowledge of proper utilization methods for federal systems. Knowledge of technological advancements applied to military products. Knowledge of all articles of the uniform code of military justice. Knowledge of general public administration regulations. Knowledge of military regulations governing the national guard. Knowledge of the statutory requirements relevant to the national guard. Knowledge of the principles and practices of organizational management. Ability to interact routinely with state legislators. Ability to interact routinely with congresspersons and senators. Ability to interact routinely with regular local community leaders. Ability to interact routinely with additional federal and state departments. Ability to establish comprehensive organizational systems. Ability to establish integration methods for comprehensive organizational systems. Ability to control operational activities through subordinate supervisory personnel. Ability to anticipate departmental necessities, and develop practical approaches. Ability to evaluate the overall mobilization preparedness level of guard units. Ability to prepare budgets and then ensure that expenditures comply with these budgets.

Minimum Qualifications:

The formal education equivalent of a bachelor’s degree in business administration, public administration, management or a related field; plus ten years of progressively more responsible experience in military operations and/or administration, including five years in a professional managerial capacity.

Required Certificates: