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The Arkansas Department of Corrections (ADC) / Department of Community Corrections (DCC) Unit Trainer is responsible for developing, coordinating, and conducting training programs for

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Typical Functions:

Conducts needs assessments to determine training needs and evaluate current training programs. Researches, develops, or revises training modules, programs, and course materials, and recommends final approval. Writes documentation for trainer’s guide, develops training manuals and lesson plans, and tests documentation to identify and resolve system issues. Develops training courses from training directives, research, survey data, and other sources. Coordinates schedules, facilities, equipment, and guest instructors to present training programs. Conducts training courses by presenting lectures, using audiovisual equipment, facilitating group discussions, maintaining records of training sessions and issuing certificates of completion. Compiles status and evaluation reports, memorandums, and other correspondence. Revises programs by updating course objectives, lesson plans, and course content. Performs other duties as assigned.

Knowledge, Abilities, and Skills:

Knowledge of training program development and presentation techniques. Knowledge of organizational mission and functions for training purposes. Ability to research, develop, evaluate, and revise training programs and modules. Ability to coordinate and conduct training programs. Ability to prepare reports and maintain records related to training activities.

Minimum Qualifications:

The formal education equivalent of an associate’s degree in psychology, education, or related field; plus one year of experience in staff or client development training, or related area. Additional requirements determined by the agency for recruiting purposes require review and approval by the Office of Personnel Management. OTHER JOB RELATED EDUCATION AND/OR EXPERIENCE MAY BE SUBSTITUTED FOR ALL OR PART OF THESE BASIC REQUIREMENTS, EXCEPT FOR CERTIFICATION OR LICENSURE REQUIREMENTS, UPON APPROVAL OF THE QUALIFICATIONS REVIEW COMMITTEE.

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