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The Department of Human Services (DHS) Assistant Superintendent – Conway is responsible for directing the operations of various support service programs in a state-

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Typical Functions:

Supervises a subordinate staff by developing and establishing short and long term program goals and objectives, administering and evaluating project assignments, providing interpretation of policies and law in the absence of precedents to resolve issues, and achieving implementation of project goals and objectives. Develops and monitors programs implemented by support services to ensure compliance with federal regulations. Develops and interprets policies and regulations to meet program needs and objectives. Conducts investigation of complaints and allegations of abuse and/or neglect, reviews center administrative problems, and prepares report of action recommended to superintendent. Reviews and monitors classrooms, living units and records to assure compliance with state and federal regulations. Develops and monitors staff, material, and equipment needs, for programs managed, to contribute to the formulation and justification of budgetary requests. Represents the center at community and parent group meetings, hearings, and seminars. Provides technical assistance to support staff and parents regarding center operations and programs. Performs other duties as assigned.

Knowledge, Abilities, and Skills:

Knowledge of supervisory practices and procedures. Knowledge of state and federal laws and regulations governing child welfare and other social service programs. Knowledge of Children and Family Services programs. Knowledge of the principles and practices of organizational management. Ability to assess impact and effectiveness of child welfare programs and services and recommend remedial action. Ability to conduct on-site inspections to determine compliance with applicable state and federal laws, rules, regulations, and guidelines. Ability to interpret state and federal laws, rules, regulations, and guidelines governing child welfare programs and services. Ability to collect and analyze information and submit findings in a written narrative report.

Minimum Qualifications:

The formal education equivalent of a bachelor’s degree in health care administration, social work, psychology, sociology or a related field; plus five years of experience in health care administration, facility management, social service program administration or a related area, including two years in a management or supervisory capacity.

Required Certificates:

Must be licensed as a Nursing Home Administrator by the (DHS) Office of Long Term Care in accordance with ACA 20-10-402.


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