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The Disability Determination for Social Security Administration (DDSSA) Program Education Coordinator is responsible for managing and overseeing supervisory and staff personnel within the Training

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Typical Functions:

Assists the Program Director for Training in establishing goals, objectives, and short and long-term plans for the development of training programs for Disability Adjudicators, Medical Consultants, and clerical staff. Assists the Program Director for Operations in establishing goals, objectives, and short and long-term plans and projects; develops, reviews, revises, and implements program policies and procedures. Consults with the Chief and Assistant Chief Medical Consultants, Quality Assurance Manager, and IT Manager to identify specific areas where training is needed to improve overall quality and productivity. Develops and continuously revises training programs and materials for both new and experienced staff and trains newly hired Disability Adjudicators in Social Security policy and procedures. Interviews, selects, supervises, and directs the activities of the Mentoring and Continuing Education Supervisors and staff, analyzes effectiveness and efficiency of both departments, and devises and implements changes as necessary. Manages and directs the activities of the Continuing Disability Review (CDR) Task Force, participates in interviewing and selecting new Disability Adjudicators, and provides input into promotional selections within the department. Assists in writing and revising agency correspondence to claimants, physicians, and attorneys, and coordinates implementation with IT Manager and staff. Participates in software testing, creates guides for enhancements or changes, and instructs adjudicative, medical consultant, supervisory, managerial, and clerical staff on application. Acts as primary liaison for federal and state representatives of states and sites assisted by the Extended Service team and develops, writes, and implements business processes tailored to the specific requirements of each. Performs other duties as assigned.

Knowledge, Abilities, and Skills:

Knowledge of Social Security policies and procedures and federal and state laws related to adjudicating social security disability claims. Knowledge of the agencyâ€Ã‚™s operations and procedures. Knowledge of mandated federal social security disability case management techniques and requirements. Knowledge of long-range planning techniques, as well as procedures, principles and practices of training or teaching. Ability to coordinate staff services activities. Ability to produce written reports and to participate in strategic planning. Ability to analyze and evaluate training and operation programs and their effectiveness. Ability to interpret and apply federal and state regulations relating to program operations. Ability to generate training activities and to direct the work of subordinate supervisors. Ability to communicate orally and in writing.

Minimum Qualifications:

The formal education equivalent of bachelor’s degree in health administration, health policy and management, education, or a related field; plus five years of experience in social security disability determination, including two years in a supervisory or leadership capacity. Additional requirements determined by the agency for recruiting purposes require review and approval by the Office of Personnel Management. OTHER JOB RELATED EDUCATION AND/OR EXPERIENCE MAY BE SUBSTITUTED FOR ALL OR PART OF THESE BASIC REQUIREMENTS, EXCEPT FOR CERTIFICATION OR LICENSURE REQUIREMENTS, UPON APPROVAL OF THE QUALIFICATIONS REVIEW COMMITTEE.

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