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The Department of Community Correction (DCC) Parole/Probation Officer II is responsible for supervising adult offenders placed on parole or probation and acts as a

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Special Job Requirements:

Constant twenty-four (24) hour on-call duty, exposure to personal injury and carrying and operating a firearm are required.

Typical Functions:

Meets with offenders on the initial and/or follow-up office visits and explains the rules, regulations, and conditions of parole/probation. Establishes the frequency of office visits, obtains parolees/probationers signatures on appropriate forms, and completes all required Department of Community Correction and Circuit forms. Counsels with parolees/probationers during office visits and refers them to various agencies for assistance such as substance abuse counseling and treatment, employment, education, and human services. Makes home and community visits to verify parole/probation information and makes follow-up visits to determine if parolees/probationers are adhering to conditions of parole/probation and to assist them with the community adjustment process. Makes and maintains a chronological history of contacts with parolees/probationers and/or action taken related to parole or probation records and prepares reports. Administers board or court-ordered and random drug tests on parolees/probationers and writes parole violation warrants or probation violation reports when test results are positive. Conducts pre-parole or pre sentence investigations by researching criminal history and collecting information from Prosecuting Attorneys and local and other law enforcement agencies, writes summary of findings and submits to the Board of Parole or court to assist with parole/probation decisions. Serves warrants, makes arrests of parole violators, or contacts the appropriate authority to issue warrants for the arrest of probation violators. Attends revocation hearings, presents evidence, and serve as a witness to prove violations. Submits progress reports to other states regarding the behavior, residence, and employment information of interstate compact parolees/ probationers being supervised by Arkansas under their supervision. Represents agency and area in meetings with civic and educational groups concerning departmental programs etc. Attends training sessions and trains field personnel with required. Initiates and maintains frequent contact with parolees/probationers, law enforcement agencies, criminal justice agencies, courts, and community service agencies. Performs other duties as assigned.

Knowledge, Abilities, and Skills:

Knowledge of the characteristics of human behavior. Knowledge of parole or probation programs, laws and policies. Knowledge of caseload management. Knowledge of court and/or hearing procedures. Ability to plan, organize and oversee the work of others Ability to maintain case records and writes reports. Ability to qualify with firearms and exercise self-defense tactics. Ability to perform testing processes and procedures. Ability to conduct parole/probation, pre-parole or pre-sentence investigations. Skill in operation of firearms.

Minimum Qualifications:

The formal education equivalent of a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice, sociology, psychology, social work or a related field; plus one year of experience as a DCC Parole/Probation Officer I.

Required Certificates:

Must be certified as a Specialized Law Enforcement Officer by the Commission on Law Enforcement Standards and Training in accordance with ACA 12-9-106. Must possess a valid Arkansas driver’s license.


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