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The Commission on Law Enforcement Standards and Training (CLEST) Agent is responsible for coordinating, documenting, delivering, and auditing the training and certification process for

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Special Job Requirements:

Occasional travel and frequent work hours other than normal working hours is required. May be exposed to personal injury when conducting practical or scenario training.

Typical Functions:

Coordinates and delivers training and presentations to basic and advanced law enforcement students. Researches changes to state and federal laws, reviews educational materials, and develops and updates lesson plans, classroom teaching aids, and testing materials; administers and grades tests; maintains and updates student records. Conducts or simulates studies and research designed to improve law enforcement administration and law enforcement activities within the state and assists in the implementation of commission rules. Reviews and evaluates law enforcement officer certification applications and applicable documentation to determine eligibility for certification. Responds to inquiries related to employment standards, training, and other requirements for law enforcement certification. Coordinates and maintains records management system for law enforcement officers and agencies in the state. Approves or disapproves course curriculums, instructor certification credentials, and certification applications. Audits law enforcement agency files throughout the state to verify commission compliance. Performs other duties as assigned.

Knowledge, Abilities, and Skills:

Knowledge of laws, rules and regulations regarding the law enforcement certification process. Knowledge of the criminal justice system. Ability to plan and coordinate various training courses and/or programs. Ability to analyze, write, and organize core curriculum for law enforcement. Ability to instruct and demonstrate law enforcement tactics. Ability to use a variety of training aids, make presentations, develop lesson plans and conduct research. Ability to direct work of inmates and maintain security. Ability to communicate effectively in oral and written formats.

Minimum Qualifications:

The formal education equivalent of a bachelors degree in criminal justice, criminology, or related field; plus four years of experience in law enforcement or a related area.

Required Certificates:

Must be certified as a Law Enforcement Officer by the Commission on Law Enforcement Standards and Training in accordance with ACA 12-9-106. Must possess a valid Arkansas drivers license. Additional requirements determined by the agency for recruiting purp


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