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The Arkansas Teacher Retirement System (ATRS) Associate Director of Information Technology is responsible for management of the information technology services and operations in the agency and overseeing activities in such fields as electronic data processing, information systems, systems analysis, and computer programming. This position is governed by state and federal laws and agency policy.

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Typical Functions:

Supervises a professional and administrative support staff by interviewing and recommending applicants for hire, providing instructions, assigning and prioritizing work assignments, reviewing work performed, and evaluating employee performance. Oversees ATRS custom developed and maintained membership data system, general ledger accounting system, investment accounting system, and imaging system. Researches and analyzes data regarding various aspects of agency programs and corresponding systems’ information technology resources; prepares and presents reports and recommendations to agency director and board of trustees. Develops plans, programs, policies, and procedures to accomplish agency administrative goals and to comply with mandated laws and regulations. Analyzes relevant new or revised federal and state tax requirements and executive policies for compliance and reporting purposes. Coordinates with system users to evaluate current automated systems, determine changes necessary to meet user needs, and ensure compliance with statutory requirements. Directs the development of new or revised system applications with appropriate entities, and provides information on desired results, data base components, informational flow, interfaces with other systems, and screen and report formats. Evaluates the capacity and capabilities of the automated administrative systems and makes recommendations for changes or modifications as needed. Interacts extensively with state legislative and financial auditors, internal auditors, actuaries, and executive staff. Prepares, implements, and monitors information technology budget. Performs other duties as assigned

Knowledge, Abilities, and Skills:

Knowledge of computer systems design, programming, and operations. Knowledge of the principles, applications, and techniques of electronic data processing systems. Ability to plan for large-scale technology change in a dynamic environment. Ability to research and analyze diverse programs and apply information technology resources to meet program needs. Ability to develop and manage organizational budgets. Ability to plan, organize and oversee the work of subordinates. Ability to conduct training sessions and communicate information of a specialized nature. Ability to write complex applications to fulfill system requirements. Ability to prepare and present information verbally and in writing. Ability to solve complex problems, develop improvements to work processes, and achieve goals.

Minimum Qualifications:

The formal education equivalent of a bachelor’s degree in business administration, information technology, or a related field; plus eight years of experience in the information technology field, including four years in a managerial capacity.

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