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The Arkansas State Police (ASP) Major is responsible for specific command and management within defined organizational divisions, troops, companies, sections and units as approved

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Special Job Requirements:

Occasional overtime is required; limited out-of-state travel is required; qualification

Typical Functions:

Directs the activities and support for public safety services through upper-level and mid- level commanders and managers by addressing daily issues and long-term operational and administrative issues to effectively and efficiently serve the public. Manages the budget for respective operations to ensure appropriate balanced funding, according to state and federal guidelines. Develops and implements or oversees the development and implementation of appropriate change or creation of uniformed directives, policies, and procedures that effect the department in a progressive manner. Directs, oversees, or participates in disciplinary proceedings that are sanctioned and governed by state and departmental policies and procedures by reviewing case files and consulting with appropriate departmental members to ensure proper assessment prior to submission for final review and disposition. Directs, manages, and participates in the department’s performance evaluation system to ensure commensurate work behavior as defined by agency job standards and the state rules and regulations governing human resource management and salaries. Coordinates specific and applicable training for commanders, supervisors, managers, and other personnel that enhances command and managerial skills and abilities. Outlines goals and objectives with peers and subordinates in a proactive manner by planning and researching for future departmental programs and changes that ensure progressive management and administration. Coordinates activities with other law enforcement agencies that support public safety and the reduction of crime. Performs other duties as assigned.

Knowledge, Abilities, and Skills:

Knowledge of the principles and practices of human resources and organizational management. Knowledge of the criminal justice system. Knowledge of state and federal laws governing the functions and operations of the police division managed. Ability to plan work unit objectives and operational activities and to assign and direct the work of subordinates. Ability to interpret and apply the provisions of laws, rules, or regulations. Ability to present expert testimony in a court of law. Ability to mediate differences or conflicts between individuals or groups. Ability to prepare detailed reports and narratives and to make oral presentations to large groups. Skill at firing a weapon proficiently and consistently as required by department standards.

Minimum Qualifications:

The formal education equivalent of a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice, public administration or in a field related to the specialized function of the division manager; plus eight years of progressively more responsible experience in law enforcement or a related field, including four years in a professional managerial capacity.

Required Certificates:



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