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The Arkansas Public Employees Retirement System (APERS) Director of Information Technology is responsible for the management of the information services operations in the agency

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Typical Functions:

Defines plans and coordinates strategies for effective integration of emerging technologies including telecommunications to support data systems and customer service. Formulates, recommends and interprets policies, procedures, and organization structure for the Information Technology Division of APERS. Directs the development, implementation and evaluation of new and improved concepts and processes for efficient usage of automated resources to ensure process improvement. Plans, organizes and directs through subordinate supervisors the activities of the information technology and services staff performing the development, maintenance and implementation of APERS applications, website, internet and intranet. Plans, organizes and directs through subordinate supervisors the activities of IT staff that perform the development, maintenance, and implementation of application processing, systems programming, or operations for desktop computers, client server systems, and communications systems. Identifies processes to be re-engineered with other division managers. Plans, evaluates, and recommends major modifications to APERS hardware and software configurations. Authorizes the acquisition of hardware and software for the various systems and platforms within APERS. Develops, implements and maintains long-term and short-term planning to ensure systems infrastructures and integrated services are developed and provided in the most cost effective and efficient manner. Analyzes and documents existing processes and workflow timing. Recommends alternative methods based on legislative, agency, operations, budgetary and/or staffing additions, deletions and revisions. Represents APERS and maintains liaison relationships with vendors and appropriate state agencies regarding information technology and communications system issues. Represents APERS in statewide information technology initiatives. Provides information technology staff with appropriate training programs and materials to effectively implement data systems and emerging technologies. Performs other duties as assigned.

Knowledge, Abilities, and Skills:

Knowledge of state and federal laws, rules and regulations related to public retirement program management in a technological environment. Knowledge of state and federal rules, policies and procedures governing IT systems’ operations and administration, including budget, procurement, accounting and human resources. Knowledge of advanced principles and practices within computer science, information systems and telecommunications. Knowledge of the principles and applications of database and network systems, IT hardware and software, programming and related infrastructure. Knowledge of common practices related to strategic planning. Knowledge of technological development and trends in the IT industry. Knowledge of the principles, applications and techniques of electronic data processing systems. Ability to plan and direct diverse IT operations and resources. Ability to solve complex problems, develop improvements to work processes, and achieve goals. Ability to plan, lead, motivate, support, and supervise the work of staff. Ability to read, analyze and interpret technical journals, financial reports and legal documents. Ability to communicate effectively, verbally and in writing, to varied audiences. Ability to build and maintain effective working relationships. Ability to identify, research, and analyze problems or issues and propose solutions.

Minimum Qualifications:

The formal education equivalent of a bachelor’s degree in information technology, computer science, or a related field; plus eight years of progressively more responsible work experience in the administration or management of information systems and operations, including four years in a managerial capacity.

Required Certificates:



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