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The Executive Director of the Arkansas Spinal Cord Commission serves as the administrative head of the agency and oversees all aspects of the agency’s

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JOB DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: Oversee agency fiscal operations including research and compile data to determine agency fiscal needs. Prepare or oversee preparation of agency biennium budget proposal and annual operating plan. Meet with Executive and Legislative branches to achieve support and approval for budgets. Review monthly, quarterly and annual budget reports for accuracy and trends. Make recommendations to Commission for budget increases or cuts. Develop and submit grant proposals to increase agency funding. Negotiate financial contracts with state agencies and external partners. Review and approve all agency non client expenditures and travel reimbursements. Provide oversight for all client service purchases. Recruit, hire, orient, supervise and evaluate management team and approve hiring of all other agency staff. Review and approve all disciplinary actions, grievances and special leave requests. Determine staffing needs and oversee staff orientation and training. Serve as team leader, providing motivation, information and direction. Lead agency strategic planning, goal setting and monitoring. Field and respond to agency FOIA and other public information requests. Review and approve all agency publications and materials. Maintain working knowledge of all federal and state legislation that impact the agency and our clients. Coordinate development and revisions of all agency policy and procedures. Represent agency on Boards, Commissions and other disability related initiatives. Prepare reports for the Governor, Legislature and others as requested. Serve as agency liaison to appointed members of the Commission, coordinate meetings, orient new members, prepare reports as requested. Serve as spokesperson and expert on Spinal Cord Disability in Arkansas. Make presentations on behalf of agency at local, state and national meetings. Maintain working knowledge of all disability related services available to Arkansans with spinal cord disabilities. Manage and monitor the array of services provided by the agency and oversee program evaluations and outcome measures. Oversee agency educational events and resources, including website. Maintain a working knowledge of cutting edge spinal cord disability care and treatment. Liaise with acute and rehabilitation hospitals, Arkansas Rehabilitation Services, Arkansas Department of Health and other entities to develop services to meet the needs of Arkansans with spinal cord disabilities. Advocate on behalf of Arkansans with Spinal Cord Disabilities to assure their rights and service needs are considered. Oversee trauma rehabilitation program, working closely with state Trauma system and Trauma Advisory Council. Work closely with Model Systems Centers and other leaders in the field of SCD Care, treatment and assistive technology providers to maintain knowledge on state of the art care and services and its applicability on our state.

Knowledge, Abilities, and Skills:

Knowledge of the principles and practices of organizational and human resource management. Knowledge of state accounting, budget, personnel, and purchasing laws. Knowledge of the legislative process. Knowledge of the causes, symptoms, treatment and sequelae of spinal cord disabilities. Knowledge of the rehabilitation process. Knowledge of personnel management including demonstrated ability to recruit, orient, supervise and discipline subordinate staff. Ability to make effective decisions and produce results through strategic planning and the implementation and evaluation of programs and policies. Ability to interpret, analyze and resolve highly complex administrative, financial, and personnel problems. Ability to interpret and apply state and federal laws, regulations and guidelines to operations and program functions. Knowledge of program planning, monitoring, and evaluation techniques. Ability to analyze and evaluate operations and program effectiveness and compliance. Exceptional verbal and written communication skills, including making presentations to large and small groups. Ability to develop and enhance alliances with external groups, engaging in cross-functional activities; finding common ground with a widening range of stakeholders. Ability to evaluate program and service delivery effectiveness and recommend revisions or corrective actions. Ability to read and comprehend scientific and technical literature and to conduct analysis and research.

Minimum Qualifications:

A Masters degree in health care administration, public health, rehabilitation, social work, or a related field with a minimum of 5 years in administration, including fiscal and personnel management.

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