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This position is responsible for the overall operation of the agency and is governed by state laws and agency policy. The ASBN Executive Director

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Typical Functions:

Administrative 1. Assure that Board responsibilities defined by statute, rules and policies are carried out. 2. Coordinate activities related to meeting of the Board, including arrangements for regular and special meetings and public hearings, development of agendas, preparation and dissemination of materials, and notifications of actions of the Board to appropriate persons or agencies. 3. Interview, employ, direct and supervise professional and support staff personnel, and administer State personnel policies. 4. Administer activities related to financial affairs of the Board, including preparation and administration of the budget, the establishment and maintenance of a system for collection of fees and the implementation of State policies in disbursements, payroll and purchasing. 5. Administer activities related to the nursing student loan/scholarship program. 6. Interpret Nurse Practice Act and Rules and Regulations of the Board, and represent the Board at various State and National meetings. 7. Delegate to the professional staff as warranted in the directing and conducting of the activities of accounting, licensure, nursing practice, education and discipline. 8. Oversee implementation of legislative mandates. 9. Determine staffing needs, organize the office to carry out functions defined by statute, rules and Board policies. 10. Hire and evaluate staff and invoke disciplinary measures when warranted. 11. Assure orientation of new staff and Board members. 12. Manage the finances, including preparation of the budget and long range forecasting of needs, and ensure reporting of the financial status at Board meetings. 13. Participate with the Board in formulating the strategic plan, assure the implementation of the strategic plan and report accomplishments at Board meetings. 14. Assure that policies, procedures, processes, equipment and documents are in place to ensure effective agency functioning . 15. Assure maintenance of an accurate record-keeping system. 16. Monitor and review national and state legislation for impact on nursing and the Board of Nursing. 17. Make recommendations to the Board for revisions to statute, rules or policies as appropriate and draft rules, policies and recommendations for Board consideration. 18. Prepare or assure the preparation of statistical and narrative reports for a variety of audiences â€Ã¢Ã‚€Ã‚Âœ legislative, state and nursing organizations, etc. 19. Direct research activities related to nursing regulation as indicated. 20. Collect, analyze, compute and provide for distribution of data relative to nursing practice, discipline, education and licensure. 21. Develop cooperative relationships with other agencies and organizations in matters relating to healthcare, nursing and nursing regulation. 22. Sign a variety of contracts, such as for office space, licensure examinations, etc., and assure that contract requirements are implemented. 23. Assure preparation of Board agenda and make presentation on responsibility-related items during Board meetings. 24. Assure scheduling and staffing of Board appointed task forces or committees. 24. Consult with legal counsel as warranted. 25. Make presentations on various topics related to the Board€Ã¢Ã‚„¢s mission and purpose. 26. Utilize internal chain of command appropriately for communication purposes. Licensure 1. Monitor trends and issues that impact licensure and credentialing. 2. Review and approve applications for licensure as appropriate. 3. Supervise activities related to licensure, including renewal of licenses, internationally educated nurse licensure, the endorsement of licenses from other jurisdictions, and verification of licensure to other jurisdictions.

Knowledge, Abilities, and Skills:

1. Knowledge of laws and Rules and Regulations pertaining to the licensing of nurses. 2. Knowledge of current issues and trends in healthcare, nursing and nursing education at local, state and national levels. 3. Knowledge of the legislative process. 4. Knowledge of current concepts of management, budgeting, staff development and office technology. 5. Knowledge of research. 6. Knowledge of current philosophies, concepts, and principles of education, health and nursing. 7. Ability to utilize current technology. 8. Ability to maintain high levels of rapport with colleagues, peers and consumers. 9. Ability to make difficult decisions and work with groups to reach consensus. 10. Ability to oversee and ensure completion of multiple projects. 11. Participate in professional development activities. 12. Provide democratic leadership to gain the respect, loyalty, and confidence of others. 13. Demonstrative initiative, resourcefulness, and flexibility. 14. Demonstrate skill in effective verbal and written communication skills. 15. Possess personal and professional integrity and the ability to maintain confidentiality in matters entrusted to the ASBN Executive Director. 16. Hold no conflict of interest with the responsibilities established herein.

Minimum Qualifications:

1. Graduate of a basic approved professional nursing program. Masters€Ã¢Ã‚„¢s degree in nursing required. Doctorate preferred. 2. Current licensure as a registered nurse or eligible for licensure as a registered nurse in Arkansas. 3. Actively engaged in nursing five years immediately prior to appointment, with a minimum of eight years experience in nursing administration, nursing education, or nursing regulation.

Required Certificates:

Current licensure as a registered nurse or eligible for licensure as a registered nurse in Arkansas.


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