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The Arkansas Department of Education (ADE) Director of Information Systems is responsible for overseeing operations within the information systems division. This position is governed

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Typical Functions:

Directs divisional operations including data processing, hardware development, software development, network operations, and telecommunications applications; provides managerial personnel direction with development and integration for information systems applications. Identifies, with the assistance of managerial personnel, the agency’s information systems service needs, establishes their long term goals, and provides a proposal inclusive of the division’s strategy for enabling agency enhancement through information technology. Coordinates, through subordinate personnel, the information systems’ work plan including assigning programmatic areas of responsibility, evaluating operational methods, identifying problematic areas, and generating practical resolutions. Directs the preparation of applications including designing source documents, supervising information processing operations’ technical direction, and assisting with management report formatting. Monitors development and execution of divisional objectives for each assigned service area; recommends practical alterations to managerial personnel. Oversees the development of the divisional budget including approving the forecast of funds needed and the execution of budgetary adjustments. Establishes appropriate service delivery methods and evaluates their effectiveness with divisional operations. Coordinates instructional programs concerning forthcoming applications for agency personnel. Supervises subordinates including interviewing, hiring, training, evaluating performance, and terminating personnel. Assesses existing workloads and support systems and identifies improvement areas. Represents the division with other agencies, elected officials, and private organizations. Performs other duties as assigned.

Knowledge, Abilities, and Skills:

Knowledge of advanced principles and practices within computer science, information systems, and telecommunications. Knowledge of principles and practices of complex database systems and data structures. Knowledge of principles and practices of programmatic development and administration. Knowledge of federal and state regulations governing information systems operations. Knowledge of common practices concerning information systems strategic planning. Knowledge of complex network systems’ security measures, tools, and practices. Knowledge of principles and practices of human resource management. Knowledge of emerging technological enhancements. Knowledge of budget development and monitoring. Knowledge of supervisory principles and practices. Ability to identify problematic areas, isolate applicable factors, propose practical solutions, anticipate potential consequences, and execute resolutions. Ability to develop and administer divisional objectives and procedures. Ability to simultaneously handle multiple projects spanning an expansive spectrum. Ability to assess operational requirements and generate practical alterations. Ability to direct comprehensive information systems programs. Ability to evaluate service delivery methods and techniques. Ability to plan, direct, and evaluate the work of managerial and professional staff. Ability to supervise subordinate supervisory personnel to execute departmental programs.

Minimum Qualifications:

The formal education equivalent of a bachelor’s degree in computer science, information technology, mathematics or a related area; plus eight years of progressively more responsible experience in the field of computer science, including four years in a managerial capacity.

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