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The Arkansas Department of Correction (ADC) General Counsel is responsible for managing, directing, and coordinating the operations and functions of the department’s legal services.

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Typical Functions:

Supervises a small staff by providing advice and guidance on legal matters and administrative policies and procedures affecting operational activities within the department. Ensures the department and its interests are represented at all applicable forums; directs the activities of staff attorneys, including the development, preparation, and presentation of cases under litigation or dispute and the representation of the department and its employees. Evaluates, drafts, and recommends legislation governing significant operational activities. Ensures the department’s programs are in compliance with applicable state and federal laws, rules, and guidelines and appropriate department procedures are promulgated. Represents ADC at Claims Commission hearings and employee grievance appeals. Provides administrative review of inmate misconducts and grievances, ensuring program compliance with applicable laws and guidelines. Organizes budget, staff, and resources of the assigned area. May serve as ADC representative at official meetings involving legal issues related to departmental operations. Performs other duties as assigned.

Knowledge, Abilities, and Skills:

Knowledge of supervisory practices and principles. Knowledge of legal principles and their application in a correctional setting. Knowledge of state and federal laws and regulations. Knowledge of trial and hearing procedures. Ability to conduct litigation. Ability to prepare, present, and review oral and written information and reports. Ability to research, interpret, and apply legislation and cause related information. Ability to plan, organize, and direct the work of others. Ability to communicate in oral and written form.

Minimum Qualifications:

Licensed to practice law and admitted to the Arkansas State Bar per ACA 16-22-201; plus four years of legal experience, including one year in a supervisory capacity. Additional requirements determined by the agency for recruiting purposes require review and approval by the Office of Personnel Management. OTHER JOB RELATED EDUCATION AND/OR EXPERIENCE MAY BE SUBSTITUTED FOR ALL OR PART OF THESE BASIC REQUIREMENTS, EXCEPT FOR CERTIFICATION OR LICENSURE REQUIREMENTS, UPON APPROVAL OF THE QUALIFICATIONS REVIEW COMMITTEE.

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