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The Deputy Director of Career Development and Technical Education (CTE) is a mission critical management position, that serves as the designated expert on career

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Special Job Requirements:

The beginning salary for the Deputy Director will be based on the education and years of administrative or management experience. The maximum salary for this position is $103,908.

Typical Functions:

Conduct research, interpret, and effectively apply education law, federal and state policies and procedures, and administrative practices to manage programs and services to ensure compliance for audit purposes. Maintain a working knowledge of and the ability to interpret and apply federal and state education statutes, policies and procedures on budget processes, and other fiscal requirements to ensure program compliance for audit purposes. Consult with agency staff to critique internal policies, procedures, and administrative practices to assess efficiency and effectiveness. Conduct research, collaborate consult with stakeholders, and analyze data to develop a strategic plan for career development and technical education programs and services for Arkansas clients. Monitor and analyze economic and labor market data to determine trends to proactively develop technical skills, career development, and job preparation curricula for job placement purposes. Advocate, instruct, and provide technical assistance to legislators, external agencies, division staff, students, and the general public on career development and technical education programs and services. Testify in legislative and budget committee hearings regarding funding and program performance. Consult on and/or initiate legislation and policies on education programs. May consult on and may document grant applications. Direct and/or provide guidance and direction to Associate Directors, school officials, program providers, and other entities on education program assessment instruments to evaluate program performance. Identify deficiencies or problems and recommend feasible, cost-effective corrective action. Assess and recommend suitable applicants for hire. Develop and review job descriptions to specify tasks and to define performance expectations. Facilitate regularly scheduled staff meetings to inform and to instruct employees, as well as to obtain status information and identify current or potential management problems. Encourage and initiate continuous formal and informal communication with employees on assignments and recommendations to enhance and sustain quality and productivity. Establish performance standards for employees directly supervised by incumbent. Act as Reviewing Official for Rating Supervisors who are directly supervised by the CTE Deputy Director. Preserve the integrity of all confidential information.

Knowledge, Abilities, and Skills:

The Deputy Director must have a minimum of three (3) years of financial management experience. Knowledge and experience in the Arkansas state budget process is desired. Employee supervision experience is required and must include but, is not limited to, performance appraisal, disciplinary actions, general knowledge of Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) guidelines, job analysis, and position development.

Minimum Qualifications:

A minimum of a Master degree in Education Administration, Business Administration, Public Administration, Financial Management, or Grants Management. A minimum of five (5) years of progressive, more responsible professional experience in education program management, grants management, or closely related fields. Classroom experience is desired. Experience in education program development, administration, assessment, and monitoring is essential.

Required Certificates:

Current certification in education administration, management, financial management, or grants management is desired. A valid Arkansas Teacher’s certificate is a plus but, it is not required for this position.


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