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This important, multi-phase initiative was launched June 29, 2017. Its long-term strategic mission is to:

  • Help ensure that sensitive citizen and government data, managed and maintained by the state, is housed in a highly secure location,
  • Strengthen the security of state IT operations,
  • Create a more robust statewide cybersecurity program and
  • Enhance the state’s continuity of operations and disaster recovery capabilities

Stakeholders of the Data Center Modernization (DCM) initiative may visit this page to locate important information needed to conduct a thorough assessment of the IT landscape in Arkansas.

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Data Center & Hosting Services

DIS manages the state data center in a secure, 12,800 square feet environmentally controlled area. The data center is operational 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and 365 days a year. In order to meet our current strategic goal of Operational Excellence, we work to provide consistent availability of the state data center and the systems hosted on the data center floor. DIS currently offers data center and hosting services, including Mainframe services, Windows, UNIX, and Linux server hosting, Exchange email, SharePoint services, and more.

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