Information Systems

Members of the DTP

Chief Data OfficerRobert McGough, Chair
Chief Privacy OfficerJennifer Davis
Chief Analytics OfficerRobert McGough
Department of AgricultureCynthia Edwards
Department of CommerceDavid Bell
Department of CorrectionsRobin White
Department of EducationGina Windle
Department of Energy and EnvironmentShane Khoury
Department of Finance and AdministrationCharlie Collins
Department of HealthDr. Austin Porter
Department of Human ServicesJeff Dean
Department of Inspector GeneralMatthew Lyon
Department of Labor and LicensingKen Anderson
Department of MilitaryJohn Payne
Department of Parks, Heritage, and TourismCaleb Osborne
Department of Public SafetyCody Hiland
Department of Transformation and Shared ServicesShelby Johnson
Department of Veterans AffairsBill Wussick
One Appointee by the GovernorMichael Crouch
One Appointee by the Speaker of the HouseVacant
One Appointee by the President Pro Tempore of the SenateJustin LeBlanc
Attorney General or her designeeMark Vaught
Chief Justice of the Supreme Court or his designeeVacant
*Effective July 27 per Act 742 of 2021.

History of Data and Transparency Panel (DTP)

Act 1282 of 2015 established the Open Data and Transparency Task Force to determine the best practices to achieve the most efficient systems for maintaining and delivering the state’s public records and data. Based on the recommendations that came out of the Task Force, Act 912 of 2017 was passed, creating the Data and Transparency Panel (DTP) within the Department of Information Systems to provide recommendations on data governance and data sharing (A.C.A. § 25-4-127).

Following the passage of Act 910 of 2019, the Transformation and Efficiencies Act, the Department of Information Systems was renamed the Division of Information Systems (DIS) and moved under the new Department of Transformation and Shared Services (A.C.A. § 25-4-127). During the 2021 General Session, Act 912 of 2017 was amended, moving the Data and Transparency Panel (DTP) duties directly under the Department of Transformation and Shared Services (TSS) and aligning the membership to correspond to the 15 state cabinet departments Act 742 of 2021.

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