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GIS Office

Terry Cleaver, PS

Terry is the land surveying technology instructor at the University of Arkansas Community College at Morrilton (UACCM). 

Prior to education he owned and operated Landmark Surveying, Inc. also located in Morrilton serving primarily central Arkansas.  His work experience in the private sector covered 20 years before joining UACCM. 

Terry is a member of the Arkansas Society of Professional Surveyors (ASPS) and currently serves as the society’s president and a member of its education committee. 

Originally from Clinton where he graduated high school, he has resided in Morrilton for almost 30 years. Terry holds a B.S.E. degree from the University of Arkansas, is a licensed Professional Surveyor, and is the Conway County Surveyor. 

A strong supporter of the Division of Land Surveys and their work, Terry understands how GIS has become an integral part of the infrastructures of many Arkansas industries and how people have come to rely on the many GIS services.

Appointed on 7/31/2020

Expired on 8/1/2021

Reappointed in 2021

Reappointment expires 8/1/2025

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