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Voluntary Products FAQs

What are my options concerning dental, vision, and life insurance?

For State employees:

Delta Dental: offers dental plans

Humana Vision: offers vision plans

Colonial Life: offers life insurance

For Public-School employees:

Please contact your district concerning dental and vision plans

Colonial Life: offers life insurance

Where do I sign up for dental and vision as an active employee?

If you are a State employee, this is done through the Arkansas State Employee Benefit Advisors (ARSEBA). You may find all enrollment forms under the “Arkansas State Employee” tab. Please contact ARSEBA at 888-224-5233 for more information.

Where do I sign up for dental and vision as a retiree?

You may learn more about your options here.

What is a Health Savings Account (HSA)?

A HSA is an account that enables individuals who are participating in a High Deductible Health plan to to pay for qualifying health care expenses with pre-tax funds.

What is an Flexible Spending Account (FSA)?

An FSA allows you to have pre-tax dollars withheld from your paycheck to pay for eligible health care or dependent care expenses. There are two different types of FSAs

Health Care FSA: covers eligible medical, dental, or vision expenses

Dependent Care FSA (Dependent Care Assistance Program, DCAP): covers employment-related expenses for child care.

Limited Purpose FSA: covers eligible dental and vision expenses until you meet your deductible

What are the differences between a HSA and an FSA?


Can continue using your HSA even after you leave your employer

Contributions can be adjusted at anytime

Do not need to re-enroll every year

Unused funds rollover year after year

Must be on the Classic or Basic plan


Account access is lost once you leave your employer

Contributions can only be adjusted during Open Enrollment, new hire period, or if you experience a qualifying event

Must submit an FSA Enrollment Form each year

Unused funds over $550 do not rollover each year

Must be on the Premium Plan or no health plan to enroll

Where can I find eligible expenses for a HSA and a FSA?

You may click here to view eligible expenses.

Where can I find more information pertaining to an FSA and a HSA?

You may visit here for more information or call Connect Your Care at 833-229-4431.

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