Employee Benefits

Enrollment and Eligibility FAQs

Who is eligible for the Plan?

For State employees:

  • Regular full-time employee in a budgeted position
  • A member of the General Assembly
  • An elected Constitutional officer
  • An appointed or elected member of a Board or Commission on a full-time, salaried basis
  • An extra help employee who:
    • Was assured coverage under the Plan
    • Whose agency has agreed to pay the State match for their coverage
    • Is a non-eligible State employee as defined under the law; and,
    • Is willing to be responsible for all costs associated with the Plan
  • For Public-School employees: A full-time employee working 30 hours or more
Are my dependents eligible for the Plan?

You may have one legal spouse and all children that you have legal guardianship of.

How long can my children stay on the Plan?

Your children may stay on the Plan until they are 26. They will be removed from your Plan on the last day of their birth month.

How do I enroll on the Plan for the first time?

You will need to submit an ARBenefits Election Form within 60 days of your hire date or qualifying event and submit supporting documentation as needed.

What supporting documentation is needed to complete my enrollment or drop coverage?

Marriage: copy of your marriage license and a completed Spousal Affidavit form

Divorce: copy of your Divorce Decree

Birth/Adoption: Birth certificate/Adoption paperwork

Loss of coverage: Proof of prior credible coverage

Gain of coverage: Proof of future credible coverage

What is a qualifying event?

A qualifying event allows you to enroll , or drop coverage due to certain life events that have occurred such as marriage, birth, adoption, and loss or gain of coverage.

How can I make changes during Open Enrollment?

You may make changes during Open Enrollment online through the ARBenefits member portal (see the “Arkansas Employee or “Public School Employee” tab for more instructions on how to do this).

How do I make changes outside of Open Enrollment?

If you experience a qualifying event, you may submit an ARBenefits Change Form along with any supporting documentation.

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