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ARBenefitsWell Program FAQs

Who must complete the ARBenefitsWell Program?

This is a voluntary program that covered employees and spouses can complete. Children do not need to complete the requirements.

Do newly hired employees have to complete the requirements?

Employees hired after July 1, 2021 will automatically receive the wellness and do not need to complete requirements.

How much is the discount?

Currently the discount is $50 a month which is deducted from your premiums monthly.

What is Catapult?

Catapult provides worksite clinics that include a biometric screening and health risk assessment all in one place.

How do I sign up for a Catapult Clinic?

You may click here to schedule an appointment.

Is there anyone excluded from Catapult?

Yes, pregnant members, members who are up to 6 weeks postpartum, and members who have had a double mastectomy with bilateral lymph node removal are all excluded form participating in Catapult clinics. If you fall under these categories, you must see your primary care provider to complete your biometric screening.

If I go to a Catapult clinic, do I need to complete the online Health Risk Assessment?

No, your checkup with Catapult includes both the biometric screening and the Health Risk Assessment.

Is there a charge for going to a Catapult clinic?

No, there is no charge for receiving a checkup with Catapult.

If I participate in a Catapult clinic , can I still have an annual checkup with my primary care provider?

Yes, you may still see your primary care provider and/or OBGYN at no additional cost.

Are the wellness requirements the same even if I am pregnant?

Pregnant members must complete the same requirements as other members with the exception of the lab tests that are included in the biometric screening. You will need to have your primary care provider or OBGYN to select the Lab Exemption box on the Primary Care Provider Form.

What are the requirements to receive the discount in 2023?

You and your spouse will need to complete a wellness visit with your primary care provider.




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