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ARBenefitsWell Program Guidelines

The ARBenefitsWell program is a wellness program that allows for a monthly discount in premium for active Arkansas state employees (ASE) and public school employees (PSE) when certain wellness criteria are met during the 2021 plan year. Any discount put in place would be effective January 1, 2022. This program was created in an effort to reduce ever-increasing claims costs and encourage participants of the ARBenefits Plan to actively engage in their own health and well-being. The amount of any discount will be decided later in 2021 when rates for the 2022 plan year are set. Retirees are not eligible for the ARBenefitsWell program.  

Program Details:  The ARBenefitsWell program has two requirements that BOTH active employees and any covered spouse on the ARBenefits plan must meet to qualify. Members who test positive for nicotine will have an additional requirement to complete to successfully meet program requirements.

  1. Employees and covered spouses BOTH must complete a biometric screening through a Catapult Health worksite checkup, or through their own physician.
  2. Employees and covered spouses BOTH must complete a health assessment.

Biometric Screening

ARBenefits has partnered with Catapult Health to provide worksite health checkups at state agencies and school districts. There is no charge to the employee or covered spouse to participate in a checkup with Catapult Health. 

Members can also have their own physician conduct their biometric screening. Participants will need to have their physician complete the Primary Care Provider Form.

Biometric Screenings must include:

  • Blood work to collect cholesterol and blood glucose levels
  • Height and weight measurement to derive Body Mass Index (BMI)
  • Blood pressure measurement
  • Nicotine screening

Health Assessment

Employees and covered spouses have two ways to complete the health assessment.

  1.  Members who participate in a worksite checkup through Catapult Health will complete their health assessment during their checkup. 
  2. Members who use their own physician to conduct their screening can complete an online health assessment by logging in to their My Blueprint account at healthadvantage-hmo.com. The online health assessment will be available to complete starting January 1, 2021.

Tobacco Cessation

Members who test positive for nicotine can still complete program requirements by enrolling in a tobacco cessation program through Health Advantage. An online and a telephonic program are available to members.

The online program through the My Blueprint portal is a six-week course.  The modules can only be completed one week at a time.  Members who choose this option will complete the requirement when they have completed all six modules.  EBD receives weekly reporting of completions only.

A telephonic cessation program is also available through New Directions Behavioral Health (EAP). Members are required to complete one telephonic coaching session. Completion of the telephonic coaching entitles members to receive the nicotine replacement aids at no cost at the pharmacy.  EBD receives weekly reporting of completions only. Members interested in utilizing the telephonic program can contact New Directions at 1-877-300-9103.

Active employees and covered spouses have until October 31, 2021 to complete all requirements.

New Hires:  New state or public school employees hired July 1, 2021, or after, will automatically receive any premium discount for the entire 2022 plan year. 

An employee who transfers to another agency or school district and has a break in service will be considered a new hire. An employee who transfers to another agency or school district but does not have a break in service will be required to meet the criteria to be eligible for any discount. 

New hires or enrollees after July 1, 2021 are encouraged to participate in a Catapult Health worksite checkup, or a screening through their physician. New hires and enrollees after 7/1/21 can also complete the online health assessment through their My Blueprint accounts.

Failure to Meet the Deadline: If an active employee and/or covered spouse fails to complete all requirements before the deadline of October 31, 2021, that employee will be ineligible to receive a monthly discount for any part of the 2022 plan year.




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